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Common sense of magic

"Go to bed, relax and wake up!


- Transform triggers into insight

- Turn obstacles into opportunities

- Choose to believe what you prefer

- Be honest

- Love another for the right reasons

- Be lazy and do not feel bad about it


At some point you will come to see that when you inhale you create and when you exhale you express. One complete breath feeds both your inner and outer world .


Den lille boken om Human Design

About you authentic profile

An introduction to Human Design to explore benefits of knowing our human tendencies.

We are being moved by life and navigate according to impulses appearing in our body.

Human Design is saying something about what kind of reactions to circumstance you are likely to have.

NOK 260,- inklusiv frakt i Norge

A selection of poem leaflets

Poems written through an intense period of transformation initiated by a profound spiritual awakening.

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