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Nina Enger 

O r i g i n a l  P a i n t i n g s

C o l l e c t i o n s

my inner landscape 

is attempted expressed here



Instead of trying to feel better,

I'm trying to become better at feeling

A b o u t

I need to be productive and completely present in all my endeavours, whether that is weeding a flower bed, going for a walk or painting.


I live in a rich inner world guarding myself from external influences that are not deliberately chosen, so I spend much of my time alone. 

I find inspiration everywhere, but nothing beats strong feelings and the natural elements. I go deeply into my feelings to find the essence of the energy, often symbolically reflected in the movements of the clouds.


I can look at the clouds for hours at a time  –  moving and changing shapes. The variations in colours, mist, density, lightness and darkness show both variation and continuity at the same time, elegantly depicting a human life.

I am exploring the immense diversity of mediums and techniques and when an emerging painting captures the essence of life’s inherent interconnectedness and ongoing transformation I get a sense of  peaceful completion.

I work in my home studio in Oslo.

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