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Impressions not expressed

become depression

- - the beauty of power - -

- - the power of beauty - -

is attempted expressed here

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Success is to get what I want.

True happiness is to want what I get.

I have experimented with colours, solvents, cement and glue, and most of those experiments have ended up in the bathtub, a true mess and clogged water pipes:-)

I have landed on the simple stuff - water based  paint, a sponge, a palette knife and a good blending brush.

I started off with landscape painting, but moved gradually to more abstract expressions, the latter being infused with more freedom! I am also triggered by facial expressions, and it is truly gratifying to see how emotions emerge in a face while painting.

I am inspired by many elements in nature, and when I see sun rays streaming out of dark threatening clouds my heart sings with joy. The key message in my work is that we all have access to an inner unshakable essence. Painting helps me express this innermost part of me, and is an act of its own, but if it touches the innermost part of the observer it is all the more satisfying.


I have no fixed colour palette, but there seem to be some favorites popping up - prussian blue, burnt umber, raw sienna, black and white, and some times  a little yellow, intense red and cerulean blue.

I'm energized by contrast, - in life and through colours, duality being the language of the One.

M y  A r t  S t u d i o

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